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Manual of Good Practices

Manual of good practices in prevention of overparenting has been prepared by all partners.

The result of Output 1

Partners have gathered 50 good practices all around world. Each partner found 7-8 good practices. the good practices are collected according to four dedicated topics:

  • healthy parenting techniques

  • prevention of overparenting

  • fostering child autonomy and independency

  • mindfulness techniques in parenting

Conclusions from kick off meeting

  • IO1 is the most important IO of the Project, as all other IO and project activities will derive from this.

  • 1º we will go to the schools to understand what are the different parenting styles that can be found and identifies, and understand what the teachers know about this topic and how they identify overparenting in their schools - through surveys to teachers and parents

  • 2º gather good practices existing in the schools and at the national level. Plus we must to some research world wide for best practices

  • 3º identify and define different topics to be approached in the manual

  • 4º develop methodology for the implementation of the manual within the schools

  • We promised to select 50 good practices. Therefore we will collect 8 good practices per partner

  • We will perform a minimum of 43 questionnaires per country

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