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Learning Teaching Training Activity in Romania

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Learning teaching training activity of Freekids Erasmus+ project has been organized in Bucharest, Romania.

The LTT started with welcome session, Escaping the overparenting trap and Developing Children’s autonomy using failure as a tool to foster independence sessions are organized.

Second day started with some energizers and then first session is organized by AEG1 Gondomar - Agrupamento de Escolas n.º 1 de Gondomar about Activities for prevention of Overparenting.

Second session is organized by Syndicate from Konya about How to communicate with an overprotective parent.

In the afternoon participants visit Comana.

Third day started with a surprise of host partner. Then presentations done by Better Future, Klara and Kaunas University.

All trainings and presentations were covered during 5-day training. At the end of each day, an online survey done.

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