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Kick Off Meeting

The Free Kids project (project no: 2020-1-PT01-KA204-078497), approved by Portuguese National Agency and coordinated by Agrupamento de Escolas no 1 de Gondomar was officially launched during the two day online Kick Off Meeting on December 3rd and 4th via Zoom

What is overprinting?

Overparenting is too much involvement by parents in the lives of their children, so that they try to help with or control everything that happens to the child

Project Agenda:

Overparenting and expected results of being a overprint was presented by Gasper Pongrac during the meeting. Partners clearly understand the importance of the project

Other topics discussed during the meeting:

  1. Presentation of project partners and participants

  2. Introducing the project outputs

  3. Introducing the project management office and how to use it

  4. Code of conduct

  5. Financial issues

  6. Dissemination and monitoring

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