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3rd TPM in Slovenia

3rd Transnational project meeting of Freekids Erasmus+ project has been organized in Maribor, Slovenia. The meeting was held between 6-9 November 2022.

15 participants from project partners were present at the meeting. JUMPINHUB shared information about the financial status of the project and gave advice on all reporting needs of the project as well as the correctness of the provided reports. The teacher training process in the partner countries are discussed and new deadlines set for the unfinished tasks.

All partners who already did the TT training piloting presented their activities and feedback results to be added as an update to the training for improvement.

The partnership was invited to visit the Anton Martin Slomšek Montessori school in Maribor. The principal guided us through the school, showing the principal of montessori education, ways of learning and outcomes. It was fascinating how they foster independence in children at a young age, and teach them several crafts early on.

Under the guidance of JUMPINHUB, all partners contributed to the definition of upcoming tasks and deadlines, to progress the project regarding the flow of the GANTT. All tasks were defined and set in the PMPQ file

BETTER FUTURE summed up the meeting, presenting the certificates of participation, for the rest of the day BETTER FUTURE organized a Teambuilding event, where partners were divided into 3 groups and were challenged to work towards a given goal. This activity will strengthen the partnership and impact the synergies of all participants.

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