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Output Leader: Better Future

With the production of our innovative FREE KIDS training we will first fulfil the needs of the first target group (teachers), where they will gain the knowledge and active skills on overparenting prevention and improving a child's wellbeing. They will also learn how to use our FREE KIDS methodology for transferring it later onto our second target group (parents) and advance skills using the didactic method that follows a consistent scientific approach or educational style to present information.

In this IO we will develop and execute our innovative FREE KIDS training educating teachers who will after completion train parents.

Following that strategy,  separate development of the training based on the existing curriculum will be developed. Here we will provide the methodology, tools and exercises on how to train teachers with the prepared curriculum. 

With the programme we will execute pilot testing on LTT in all partners countries and gather:

  • additional data from the teaching profession

  • suggestions for the programme

  • personal feedback

With the gathered knowledge and additional experience we will be able to fine tune our training programme for best and easiest use. 

Yetişkin Eğitimi Kursu

Training for Teachers

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