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Kütüphanedeki Çocuklar
Teori Hazırlık Simge

Output Leader: Agrupamento de Escolas nº 1 de Gondomar

The goal of this IO is to create state of the art Pan European analysis of the methods, implemented in Eu schools, as examples of good practices in child-raising. This analysis will be the starting point for the preparation of the FREE KIDS curriculum and training programme for the teachers and the development of the good practice manual for overparenting prevention and well being.

These are the aims of the IO:

  • to prepare surveying methodology for the state of the art PanEU analysis, gap sourcing and identification of the areas, where overparenting occurs

  • prepare questionnaires for the interviews with teachers in partner countries for the study in the next step

  • to find and select good practices in child-raising and conduct a gap analysis

  • to prepare the final state of the art Pan EU analysis and translate it into all local languages of the partners

  • development of the good practise manual

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